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            Company history

            Dongguan Qizhong Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. inherits, a tool grinding business founded by Mr. Lo Kei in Hong Kong in 1957. In 1990, KCH introduced German grinding technology and set up branches in Chang'an, Dongguan as agent of German and Japanese cutting tools. With the professional grinding technology and depth experience of the operating standard, KCH fulfilled to provide customers with professional cutting and grinding services and knife selection method therefore become the leader of the grinding industry. KCH is also the best partner of printing and paper mills. With the vigorous development of China's manufacturing industry, KCH has successfully established its own brand [KCH] cutting tools since 2000 (including German steel, Japanese steel and Chinese-made steel). Business has expanded to many provinces in China and Southeast Asia and other regions. Qizhong is committed to offer professional, sincerely and most reliable services for the industry and contributing the development of the Sino-foreign trade platform for the industry. KCH aimed to carry out the brand for centuries old.

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