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            Pickup & Delivery Service

            In 1957, the Shunchang was established in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, focusing on the tool grinding business.

            In 1990, Suichang introduced the German grinding technology to set up a branch in Changan, Dongguan. In the same year, he represented Japan's TOYO round knife and became the exclusive agent in China.

            With professional knife sharpening technology and pragmatic and deep operational guidelines, in 1995, it became the exclusive agent of German Schonenberger paper cutter in China.

            Over the years, we have provided professional cutting and grinding services and tool selection solutions to become the leader in the sharpening industry and the best partner for printing paper products.

            With the booming manufacturing industry in China, the Shunchang has been building its own products since 2005.

            We stand at the angle of a sharpener and combine the advanced technology of Germany to develop a high-quality sharpening machine that best meets the needs of the sharpener.

            In recent years, we have cooperated with the knife factory, our own brand paper cutter: K&G, KCH and various series of sharpeners have been distributed in many provinces in China and exported to Southeast Asian countries.

            The company is committed to providing customers with professional and reliable services and contributing to the industry's well-developed Chinese and foreign trade platforms.

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